As the nation prepares to commemorate ANZAC Day, a day of remembrance and reflection, one meaningful way to pay tribute to the fallen soldiers is through the language of flowers.   The beauty of flowers can help show our deep appreciation, remembrance, and respect for the men and women past and present who fought and continue to fight for our freedoms.


  1. Red Poppies: A Symbol of Remembrance

The red poppy has become the symbol of remembrance for ANZAC Day. Inspired by the poem “In Flanders Fields” written by Lieutenant Colonel John McCrae during World War I, the red poppy is a symbol of the sacrifices made by soldiers and honors their memory.


  1. Native Flowers: A Tribute to Australia and New Zealand

Using native flowers in ANZAC Day floral tributes is a meaningful way to honor the heritage of Australia and New Zealand  as these  represent the natural beauty and resilience of the ANZAC spirit, capturing the essence of the land for which the soldiers fought and paying homage to their sacrifice.


  1. Wreaths: A Symbol of Eternal Remembrance

Wreaths are a timeless symbol of remembrance and are commonly used in ANZAC Day commemorations.


In conclusion, floral tributes can be a meaningful way to honor the significance of ANZAC Day.   Whether it’s through red poppies, native flowers, wreaths, white flowers, or customized arrangements, flowers have the unique ability to help individuals express their emotions and show their appreciation.