Who is your Mum?

Your Mum can be one of so many people!

She can be the woman who gave birth to you, an aunty that’s loved and cared for you, a neighbour who looks after you,

an older friend who’s always there for you and the person who always made you feel safe and loved.

She is your Mother!



The Traditional flower for Mother’s Day



In Australia the traditional flower associated with Mother’s Day is the chrysanthenum, a

symbol of joy, love, and loyalty and are associated with mothers and motherhood, and are often given as a gift to honor and express gratitude towards mothers.

People still love giving these to Mum on her special day. I couldn’t even guess how many bunches will be in store next week!



What does Mother’s Day Week look like in our little shop?

In Short. Bedlam!

Oh God, I’ve ordered too many flowers.

I haven’t ordered enough flowers.

We don’t have many orders.

Oh no we have way too many orders and need to shut website down!

This is my 6th Mother’s Day in the shop and these panicked thoughts go through my head for at least the 2 weeks prior!


The lead up

On the days leading up to the day you’ll see us working under the verandah til about midnight because there’s no room inside. It’s an amazing sight seeing all those gorgeous buckets of flowers when they come in. That’s when all the real work begins.

Stripping and cleaning every single stem, making sure everything has plenty of fresh, clean water and filling up vases to make a beautiful display.

After this is all done we can start to turn these flowers into gorgeous arrangements to fill our super pretty shop with and to send out for delivery.


About my Mum.

Nel Lefers

1928 – 2006


My mum had 10 YES 10 kids.

1 boy, 8 girls then 1 boy. WTF was she thinking??

Mum grew up in Holland during WW2 and didn’t we used to roll our eyes as kids listening to how tough it was! So many stories of having to walk for miles¬† through the snow to get some potatoes and often having to jump into a ditch if the enemy came past.

Mum was a fiercely determined woman, the hardest worker and most generous person you could ever meet who also didn’t have an issue telling you how it was if she thought you needed to be told. (sadly I think I inherited that)


My favourite memory of this wonderful woman

You can imagine that having all those kids life was pretty busy for her ( for gods sake she used to iron EVERYTHING !)  BUT she always had time to play a board game or 2 and she was a terrible cheat and we all knew it and used to laugh about it a lot.


In Short

Even though it’s been 17 years since she passed away I still sit outside some nights and chat to her. (the brightest star in the sky)

My advice to you is don’t just save Mother’s Day to tell this very special person you love them. Tell her every opportunity you get!

I would give my right arm just to tell my Mum just once more how much I love her!



PS: Don’t leave your order til Sunday morning because you most likely will be too late.

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Wishing all you beautiful Mums a wonderful Mother’s Day filled with love and joy.


Til next time

Vicki xx